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Oklahoma New Hire Reporting Form Please fill out completely and mail to PRINT or TYPE Please PO Box 52003 Oklahoma City OK 73152-2003 1-800-317-3786 or OKC Metro Area 405 557-5350 OR FAX to OES112 03-08 Download a copy of this form at www. ok. gov/oesc/index. php c 11 OKDHS - Oklahoma Employer Services Center Information Number 1-866-553-2368 or OKC Metro Area 405 522-5550 Employer Information Federal Employer Identification Number Oklahoma Account Number - Company Name Payroll Processing...
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Amy Newton: This video, brought to you by the Oklahoma Employer Services Center and Oklahoma Child Support Services, explains new hire reporting. Rory Littleton: Oklahoma employers are required by law to report all new hires, rehires, and terminations to a central location: the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission (or ESC). This is also the agency to which employers send the basic W-4 information collected at the time of hire. Amy Newton: After the information is matched with state child support records, it is then sent to a National Directory of New Hires operated by the Federal Parent Locator Service. All personal information is kept confidential and secure. Rory Littleton: New hire reporting helps children to receive the financial support they need and also helps prevent false unemployment insurance benefits claims. Now we will answer some common questions. Amy Newton: How soon must new hires be reported? New hires must be reported within 20 days of hire. If you’re filing electronically or online, you will need to report new hires twice monthly and within at least 20 days of the hire date. Rory Littleton: Next — What are the methods for reporting? There are three methods available for reporting. We highly recommend the most efficient process, reporting online, at www.ok.gov/oesc. It’s quick and convenient. Amy Newton: The second way to report is with magnetic tape diskettes. To view the file layout requirements for diskette and magnetic tape recording, visit the new hire website at www.ok.gov/oesc/specs.html. Rory Littleton: If you have your own computerized personnel or accounting system, you may choose to download diskettes and/or magnetic tapes directly into the online reporting system. Or you may mail them to the Oklahoma New Hire Reporting Center P.O. Box 52003 Oklahoma City, OK 73152-2003. The third way is to submit your report in paper form. You may mail it to the Oklahoma New Hire Reporting Center or you can fax it toll-free to 1-800-317-3786 or 405-325-8210 in the Oklahoma City metro area. To request a form, call 1-866-533-2368. Here’s our nexquestionio— - What information do I need to include in the new hire report? Most of the data elements you need are on the employee’s W-4. Some additional information is required for new hire reporting and the forms need to be filed separately. Here’s what you will need to include: employee name, address, and Social Security Number, employee occupation and salary, employee date of birth, employee date of hire (defined as the first day of paid service). Amy Newton: Also include the state of hire, the employer name, address, and Federal ID Number (VEIN), and your Oklahoma Employer Account Number that is assigned by ESC. Rory Littleton: You will also confirm the employee’s status with the company, answering whether they are still employed. Also, specify availability of dependent health insurance. If applicable, you will need to provide the employee recall or rehire date. Amy Newton: You may be...
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